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💙20 Years of Progress in 5 Weeks of Quarantine

Aktualizováno: 17. srp 2020

EDUCATION is moving forward – finally. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced the world’s educators into the online age. Online education, common in North America since the 1990’s, has become the “new normal” for schools, teachers and families world-wide.

Even when most students return to the traditional schooling option enjoyed by their grandparents, the entire world now knows that professional, modern, online education is available to all. The modernisation of academics will be a lasting, positive result of these challenging times.

THE UPGRADE to today’s interactive, engaging online classrooms has been focused on the development of safe, happy, successful children and young adults. Fully online institutions are now the academic equivalent of classroom-based education, teaching students ages 5-18 and fully recognised by universities on all continents.

Such schools in the USA have been growing rapidly over the past decade, enrolling 1.5 million students in 2009, increasing to 2.7 million children and families served just five years later. In 2020, almost every family has experienced online learning first-hand.

THE BENEFITS of online education are plentiful and well documented. Students from virtual schools are free to develop their arts, sporting and extra-curricular skills to a greater extent than their classmates. The flexibility of their schedules and the ability to study any time, from anywhere remove limits faced by traditional students.

High achieving students are able to attend advanced courses and even to complete university level coursework while still in high school. Special needs students receive appropriate modifications without the stress of feeling different from their classmates. Rural families can give their children the best education while keeping them safely at home.

THE FUTURE of education has been here for years. A few weeks in quarantine may have been just what was needed to welcome it into all of our lives.

About the Author

Brandon Moseley is a director at the fully online, Hill Castle International School.

He has established and operated traditional institutions in Europe, South America and the Middle East.

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