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Company Culture
Company Culture

Company Culture

💚HR TALKS. In Co-operation with SPACES & also online. FREE of charge. For more info, see below. 👇

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11. 6. 2020 15:00 – 16:00 SELČ

Prague, Prague, Czechia

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In co-operation with SPACES I would love to announce my NEW biweekly HR TALKS in English 

HR Talks (every 2nd Thursday)

Where: On-line and in the Spaces Office  👉  registration needed  ❗️  ❗️  ❗️  Please type in Comment - On-line or Spaces. Thanks.

Language: English

Target Group: Managers, Leaders, Business Owners, HR professionals

Presenter: Dagmar Matějková (me). Dagmar is already „almost“ 20 Years active in HR field (Global, International & Local). More information on or LinkedIN profile. For selected topic Dagmar will invite interesting guest speakers.  👇 

Form: Introduction of the topic by Dagmar, Q&A and Best Practice sharing 

 💙 Previous Sessions: 

16.4.2020 – HR in a nutshell – what is part of HR Department (from A – Z), do I really need it and why?  (DONE), recording (10 min.) is available here: 

30.4.2020 – HR Department deployment – External/Internal, Outsourced, Combination – Pro/Cons and more:

(DONE), recording (15 min.) is available here: 

14.5.2020 - HR Budget - why, how, when, who is responsible ac. (DONE), recording 5 min is available here: 

 28.5.2020 - HR Processes - Why, Who, Who is responsible (DONE), short recording here: 

What will be discussed? 

11.6.2020 – Company culture

💙  What it is 

💙  Why should I have it in my company

💙  How is this defined 

💙  How do I implement it 

💙  How do I measure it

LinkedIN Group (privite) for those who are interested is available here: 

💙 Next sessions: 

25.6.2020 – Talent Acquisition (Inhouse/External help)

9.7.2020 - Renumeration incl. Bonuses (Monthly, Q, Annual)

23.7.2020 – Benefits 

6.8.2020 – HR Outsourcing

20.8.2020 – Talent Management incl. Succession planning

3.9.2020 – Background checking

17.9.2020 – HR Systems a Apps – why and how to select 

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