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Czech Labour Code for Leaders
Czech Labour Code for Leaders

Czech Labour Code for Leaders

Target Group: Managers, Business Owners, Directors, Department leaders, Specialists or clerks. More info please see below 👇

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 Why to choose this course: 

  • Because you would like to learn basics about Czech Labour Code without getting lost in details and reading it through. 
  • Because it is to boring and complicated and you do not have time for it, however, you would like to have an idea about basics. 
  • Because you are a People Manager and you are not sure what the Czech Labour legislation allows. 👇

What we will talk about: 

  • About practical business base situations most common if you employ people. It will be very easy explain on real examples and the clear what needs to be done or what can not be done. 
  • We will go through the whole Employee Circle from before hiring till firing.
  • No paragraphs and theoretical point of you. 

Basic discussion points: 

  • Recruitment, Discrimination and Offer letter
  • Working Contract - minimal version
  • Before hiring
  • During adaptation
  • Increase of qualification, Employees Education and Training
  • Holidays
  • Overtimes
  • Home Office and other forms of flexibility
  • Warning letter
  • Termination of employment

In line with business needs there is also possible to adjust the content and focus on company specifics. Course is available in Czech, English and German Languages. Webinar (2 hours) or Class room (1/2 day) - upon request.

For more information contact me: or call +420 602 470 244. Looking forward to talking to you soon. 

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