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An innovative Development Program. For the first time in Prague! Facilitated in English by Oliver Perkins (Brainovate) and Dagmar Matejkova (Matricaria Chamomilla s.r.o.).

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Legacy Leadership is an unique development programme for Leaders who: 

- believe in that results are not coming without great people

- who believe work should be fun and enjoyable 

- want to inspire others and seek inspiration for themselves 

- are ready to change their attitude and self-limiting beliefs 

- want a proven and practical leadership system that sets a clear direction 

Why to participate? 

Because Legacy Leadership is a complete programme – a philosophy, a process and a model. It is not a leadership style – it is a life system and a way of “being” not just “doing”. It puts people, not just results, at the centre of everything.  

Legacy Leadership programme is based on 5 Best Practices: 

1. Holder of Vision and Values

2. Creator of Collaboration and Innovation 

3. Influencer of Inspiration and Leadership 

4. Advocator of Differences and Community 

5. Calibrator of Responsibility and Accountability 

More details about Legacy Leadership programme are available here: Details

Price: Early Birds 1.100 Euro, regular price 1.600 Euro

We are looking forward meeting you soon, 

Oliver Perkins & Dagmar Matejkova 

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