Leadership & Yoga

Dagmar Matějková

Owner of MCh s.r.o., HR Consultant with 20+ Leadership Experience, Lecturer, Mentor and an Yogi. 

Practicing Bikram Yoga since 2014. 


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Bára Bělová

Leader with 20+ Experience, Lecturer, Mentor, Coach and Yoga Teacher since 2010. 

Practicing and teaching various types of Yoga. 

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What is Leadership & Yoga

A comprehensive Leadership Retreat for all those who like to get Breath Under Control and learn basic yogic principles of balance, that would help you lead your lives, teams and companies better.

Second half 2022

In a place where you will be best taken care of. With excellent service, great location and superb food.

Yoga at Home

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Our Podcast

In Czech language only. You can listen to our Podcast on various platform such as Spotify, Apple Podcast, Anchor ac. 

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