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Looking for the right People

Aktualizováno: 23. 5. 2022

How to smoothly and ideally effectively choose a new employee is quite a science. How? Internally, Externally, yourself or with an Agency?

The basis of effective recruitment is that I know exactly what the person will do, ideally, I have a job description available. Further more, I have an Idea how much it approximately would cost; I know whom will this person be subordinated and the concerned manager it knows, as well! And last but not least, I have an idea when a new colleague should be starting.

Without the above, there is no point in beginning anyone's search. Not only in the Recruiting is a good idea to think through first. Candidates will ask specific information about the position, Supervisor etc. If we do not know it seems quite “funny”.

If we are really sure that we will open the position, we will begin to search. Ideally look around internally first. We would find out, if someone of our colleagues is not interested. This is the most effective way; however, it is not always possible to apply.

Effective Recruitment

Under efficiency, we understand the resources usage (financial, technical, human). I would recommend to analyse in advance carefully, how much Time, Money, Technical tools and People we want to invest.

It is also necessary to clarify who will be responsible for recruitment.

If we have HR Department - We go there, if we do not have one, we have 2 options, either to start search ourselves or to ask a Vendor – Agency or an external Recruiters (Head Hunter, Executive Search, recruitment Agency) for help.

In case we are searching ourselves (without HR) and for the first time, we can go the way of “attempt - mistake”, but this method is not the most effective, I am afraid. Probably, we will not succeed easily.

In the case of an external supplier, let us begin with the fact that it is not for free and it will take also some time.

If we're ready to start here, I'll describe below how it will look like with the external supplier.

1. First, the candidate profile, both technical and interpersonal, is defined.

2. Appropriate recruitment channels (different for a director and, for example, salesperson) will be identified. It can be the Internet, schools, contacts that the Agency has, specific companies, professional periodicals, etc. We can also request, for example, we don't want anyone from Competitors.

3. Then the agency will once again ensure that the initial brief is clear and begins to search. Even we will get the Contract and perhaps Advance payment need to be organized:-).

4. “Sample” candidate - from the agency (professional one) we get a blind CV with a suitable candidate and with the description why we should choose him/her. If profile does not fit, we refuse it and clearly define, what we do not like. E.g. Inadequate Education, lack of language knowledge ac.

5. Then we will receive CV's of pre-selected candidates. Good agency sends 3 - 5 CV (short listed) and describe the candidates skills with ranking. We need to screen the CV's, choose and invite best fitting candidates (according to our view, can differ to Agency) a personal meeting (interview).

6. Own selection of the candidate - We can support it by tests of all kinds (we will pay in addition)

7. Sending a job offer (We will do it ourselves – there is need to define what, how many, when, who)

8. Acceptance or also rejection of our job offer, if not is the answer we need to start again or we reach the candidate number 2, 3....

9. Agreement on the date of start, sending the draft of Employment contract

10. Employment hopefully starts as agreed, however, in time of booming economy, candidate might not show up (not kidding). Guaranty to be part of the Contract.

11. And now we need to pay the invoice. For those who are not familiar with the topic it is not cheap, however, effective mostly - Yes!

Next time let 's take a look at what the HR Department does in Recruiting activities.

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